• New Work, New Explorations

    Terrain, landscape and family photos continue to influence my work. I'm exploring imagery from photographs of plant materials and terrain in the Viridiplantae series and, in the Identity series, I'm looking at how cropping can shift images from innocent to faintly menacing.

    Over the last year, I find myself drawn to the highly textured areas within certain paintings from both series. I decided to take a closer look in a new series called Explorations and Observations. I photograph these highly textured areas of my work and run the photos through the same process that I used to produced the original paintings; scan, image trace, print, transfer and paint. I like the way the original marks, now magnified and manipulated, shift away from reality, lose structure and become cellular and abstract.

    Process is a big part of all three of these bodies of work. There are parts of the process where I give up control to the image trace program or to the output of my run-of-the-mill desk-top printer. The image cropping, information transfer, color mixing, and mark making are components of the process that I control. I use a very small brush and, having done needlework most of my adult life, the strokes feel more akin to embroidery.

    2016 Summer and Fall Happenings
    Expiration Dates, from the Identity 2015 series of paintings, was included in the 2016 Artspace 111 Regional Juried Exhibition in Fort Worth. Eric M. Lee, Director of the Kimball Art Museum, was the show's juror.

    Late Winter Woodscape No. 2 was selected by juror Clint Willour, Curator Emeritus of the Galveston Arts Center, to be a part of a show of works from artists practicing at Sawyers Yards in the Washington Ave Arts District. The show is in conjunction with the Houston Fine Arts Fair and will be on exhibit in the corridors of Silver Street Studios through October 8.

    Gardenscape No. 2 and Gardenscape No. 9 were selected by juror Jacob Spacek, Director of BLUEorange Gallery, to be a part of Sawyer Yards: Revealed, on exhibit at the Silos at Sawyer Yards through January, 1, 2017.


    Born in Concord, Massachusetts and raised in Texas, Camille Warmington earned a Bachelor of Interior Architecture from Kansas State University in 1984. She worked for architecture firms in New York City and Dallas and, in 1989, moved to Houston, Texas. She studied painting at the MFAH’s Glassell School and has exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions including the 2000 Houston Area Exhibition at the Blaffer Art Museum, University of Houston, the 2013 Big Show at Lawndale Art Center in Houston, Artspace 111 in Fort Worth and PLAYhouse in San Antonio. Warmington had her first solo exhibition at the Lawndale Art Center in August, 2015 and was a 2016 Hunting Prize finalist.